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Industrial Design Consultants
& Mechanical Engineers

From aesthetics to component design

Detailing and production data

We design for Medical, Healthcare, pre-clinical

Scientific, Industrial & Consumer sectors

Industrial design consultants

Design Innov8 are industrial design consultants that offer a complete industrial design and mechanical engineering service. We are based in West London but often taken on work from much further afield. We design and engineer all manner of products from pen lids to complex MRI devices. We offer our clients a full consultancy service at contractor rates. Our mission is to support companies and enterprises with detailed engineering services to get your product or idea to market successfully. Whether you're an individual, a small start-up team or a larger business, we can support you with industrial design services.

Product development for manufacture

Product design and development

Our service bridges the gap between aesthetic design and commercial product development for low to high volume manufacture. We have over 12 years of experience in mechanical product development, component design, injection mouldings, sheet metal components, stress and structural analysis, assemblies and design for manufacture.

Concept through to detailed design

Website design and implementation

We can take your concept and make it into a fully working product. We understand that project briefs and aspects of a design can change as development progresses, and we're flexible in our approach to ensure your final product turns out exactly as you expect it to be.

Our engineering expertise

We have worked on hundreds of injection moulded part designs from simple single-shot items to more complicated multi-shot mouldings. We understand the constraints of the injection moulding process and will apply the correct attributes during the design stage to ensure your item can be manufactured correctly. We have worked closely with many toolmakers here in the UK and abroad to minimise the reworking of designs and ensure products fit together and work correctly with minimal tooling adjustment. We are also familiar with designing products in a range of materials and can produce industry-standard data for toolmakers.

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Pretty much any physical product uses mechanical components to operate. Whether it's a functional item with moving systems or a simple aesthetic one, it will have parts that need to be made and fit together. We can design components in a variety of materials to suit various manufacturing processes. We have also worked with many new and emerging manufacturing processes that aren't as yet common practice.

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There are numerous casting processes to consider based on physical attributes, cost and time restraints. We can design cast components for die-casting processes, sand casting, investment casting and rapid casting. Of all, the die-casting process, which is similar to injection moulding, requires the greatest development time and investment. Parts produced this way are usually very accurate with excellent definition often requiring no post-production finishing, suited for high volumes. Sand castings are usually the quickest to design and produce where some repetition is required. We understand what limitations each process has and how these limitations affect the final product.

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Every component of a physical item needs to be manufactured, and in most cases, parts assembled on some form of a production line. We have extensive experience of designing mechanical parts for manufacture and can produce all the required CAD data (including 2D drawings where necessary) and process flows. Understanding how your product will be manufactured in the real world is critical to its success. We have worked alongside many factory production lines to understand limitations and improve assembly efficiency. In most cases, prototyping a final design is advised to ensure the product operates and looks as it should.

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Industrial design consultants specialise in developing products for commercialisation. It doesn't matter how far into a project you are or whether your idea is just a scribble on a bit of paper, we can help you get your product to market.

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Industrial design is a fusion of art, science and technology

Our aim isn't just to make things look good, but to make them work wonderfully.
We design, we create and we design-innov8.

We design scientifc
& medical devices

We design and engineer scientific and medical devices to suit a variety of operating environments, from MRI machines to vertebroplasty syringes.

We design
products for healthcare

We design and engineer healthcare products for direct patient use, from patient entertainment terminals to drug dispensing packaging and micro mouldings.

We design
consumer products

We design and engineer consumer products with a focus on user interaction and machine interfacing, from remote controls to office furniture.

We design industrial
machinery & equipment

We design and engineer industrial products from industrial displays to lifting gear and mechanical assemblies

We can also offer additional services

We have good links with web and app developers that can design bespoke content management systems.

We deal with clients
& suppliers worldwide

We deal with clients around the world breaking the perception of any limitations on location, language and culture.